Services: Motion Graphics & Animation

Tell your story through the exciting world of animation - communicating your message in either 2D or 3D, to suit your needs. The use of animation and graphics can be vital when you are not able to capture your story solely through video and often this can be more cost-effective than a full video production. This may be due to location, complexity or a process being too difficult to convey. If this applies to you, then animation is your ideal solution!

Pets and remote presentations

The “I’m not a cat video” that went viral recently has made us realise how timely and important our latest video is…  We’ve just released the video “3 tips & tricks on how to nail a remote...
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ChoiceKids (Education & Animation)

Client: ChoiceKids
Sector: Education, Marketing
Tandem worked with ChoiceKids to create a fun promotional video that showcased the following values:To be Affordable for EveryoneTo be Fun, Safe & EducationalTo be Innovative &...
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Weed Weapon - Kiwicare (TV Commercial)

Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Advertising, Sales
Here is a animated TVC that Tandem designed for Kiwicare.
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Kiwicare: Weed Weapon TVC

Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Advertising, Sales
Tandem worked with Kiwicare to advertise there range of weed killer products. Using motion graphics, the TVC was created and broadcast to TVNZ, TV3, and Sky TV.
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Tandem - Animation & GFX Showreel

Sector: Marketing
Tandem can tell your story through animation. We are able to communicate your message in either 2D or 3D to suit you needs.
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The Push Up Pro.1

Sector: Marketing, Sales
This is an animation that Tandem created for the Push Up Pro .1 concept which is being showcased at a convention in Las Vegas.
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Leapfrog Motion - Setting the standard in geological modelling

Client: Leapfrog
Sector: Marketing, Sales
Leapfrog is an established 3D geological modelling software for the mining, hydrogeology, and geothermal industries. Here is the animated video for a recent launch held. All the animation and...
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School Links

Client: School Links
School-links is the online software that helps schools connect and communicate with students and their caregivers. School-links wanted to show the effectiveness and value of the software, so...
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Client: Daiken
Sector: Marketing, Sales
Tandem were commissioned create a motion graphics animation for Daiken to be played on the big screen at AMI stadium. The graphics were created by mega advertising and animated by Tandem. www...
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Julie Dawson - The Ultimate in Handheld Luxury

The Dawson Family takes pride in the brands growing international recognition for both the ultimate in handbag quality and protection to the environment. Tandem created this video for Julie...
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Polished Diamonds

Sector: Marketing, Sales
Polished Diamonds is a successful Kiwi jewellery firm operating in 13 Countries Tandem worked with Polished Diamonds to create this specialised promotional video to showcase the high calibre...