Clubhouse is a new social audio app that launched in March last year and is the newest trend in audio. The system ​lets users create live chat rooms or listen in on top investors and celebrities in a new and exciting way to connect and learn. Think of it like a live podcast, a wealth of information in a live setting. Have a read below of an excerpt of one of Clubhouse's latest blogs describing the power of the platform.

"​Our goal was to build a social experience that felt more human—where instead of posting, you could gather with other people and talk."

"The thing we love most is how voice can bring people together...In one of the most turbulent and troubled years many of us have experienced, people on Clubhouse have come together for important and nuanced conversations on topics of social justice reform, BLM and anti-racism. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, room after room filled the hallways with people discussing constitutional law, sharing stories about RBG’s childhood, and praying in silence together. Each week, parents of children with genetic diseases gather in Clubhouse to discuss medical developments with doctors, researchers and other parents—talking, debating and learning."

Read the full blog here.

The app is currently available on the Apple App Store (iPhone only) and in this early stage is invitation only through a waitlist. Keep it on your radar, it's bound to become one of the go-to social apps soon.