Digital audio advertising


Digital audio advertising is probably not something you've considered too much in your content and advertising plans. But it's just as important than any other form of marketing you do. says the production of internet videos increased by 55% in 2020. This means that people are spending more time on mobile devices than ever, and part of that isn't just watching video content. We're talking Spotify, iheartradio, Pandora and so many more audio channels that you have on while you (kind of) do some work in the office. 

What is digital audio advertising?

You know when you're listening to a cool playlist on Spotify and just as you're getting into the groove the annoying lady butts in to tell you to buy premium? That's it. has a list of platforms that have this type of advertising, so you're bound to have heard it somewhere:

  • Podcasts
  • Music (In-stream or programmatic audio ads in between songs)
  • Flash Briefings for Amazon Alexa
  • Alexa Skills/ Google Home Action Audio Streaming
  • Internet Radio
  • Audio Blog Posts

The crazy thing is, it's not that hard to create. We have two words for you: re-purposed content. Already getting a voiceover recorded for the online video you've just finished or recording a radio ad? Re-use it! Digital advertising doesn't require a whole new strategy or another 2 hour creative meeting. Re-use your content on multiple different channels to get the maximum effect. 

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